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-- Born in Asturias, north of Spain, 37 years ago.

-- Journalist, enterpreneur, book worm, fixer, photographer, chess addict, gambler, media consultant. The list could go on; I made my own website because I didn't have enough space on Linkedin.

-- I have travelled to 51 countries and lived in four different ones.

-- I speak fluent sarcasm, that's my mother tongue. I am also studying Chinese and I used to understand German.

-- You can find my name on the Guinness Book of the Records, along with Karpov's (probably only Kasparov and I can say that).

-- I like spicy food, specially asian: the hottest the better. And I love wine and gin & tonics.

-- I wrote a couple of books. I had two daughters. I planted countless trees. I have done pretty much everything. Twice.

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I was born in a small boring village, so I spent my youth playing chess and reading tons of books while waiting for something better to come. I didn’t get the chance to see much of the world during the first half of my life, but I made up for this later.

When I was still very young, the internet boom gave me the unexpected chance to get paid for writting stuff: chess, science divulgation, short biographies, travel recommendations, obituaries. This job has had different names along the past two decades: content provider, journalist, blogger, community manager. In particular I became a regular contributor to specialized chess magazines and websites from all over the world.

I got to publish in all the national newspapers in Spain before I was 23. In despite of that, after a very intense experience as a freelance journalist in Iraq, I decided to walk away from full-time journalism. It was nice while it lasted.

Without a clear plan I moved to London, then to Berlin, then to London again. I read a few more books and acquired some new skills. In 2006 I was given the chance to move to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, San Sebastian. I started working in something related to the betting industry. Gamblers? I am not one, but I know everything about them.

I was involved in a number of business ventures, mainly managing some other people’s investments, but I also started a couple of companies of my own; no one of them made me rich (actually the last one sent me back to square one), but they made me smarter. And I had lots of fun.

Around 2010 I regained interest in photography, mainly because I was gifted with a beautiful daughter who well may be the most portrayed creature in the whole planet (now, they are two: Nahui and Izel). Very soon I found out that photography could give me back some of the things that I missed from journalism -like the trips, the creativeness, or being surrounded by interesting people- but without most of the cons.

I am a quick study, but I am learning photography on my own and with very scarce chances to practise, so the process is being slower than I would like. Anyway it has already became a serious hobby, or almost a side job in which I invest most of my holidays and days off.

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